About Us

Welcome to Lava The Sea!

Lava The Sea is owned by 4 sisters, Courtney, Veronica, Sierra and Ava, and cheered on by the World's Greatest Parents.  In 2009, Courtney found herself battling chronic illness, including Fibromyalgia.  She strove to find a means of supporting herself that would allow the flexibility required in her journey towards maintaining her health.    Our most treasured memories growing up, were the long road trips from our Dallas home to the Texas coast and the Gulf of Mexico. We were taught to stop and appreciate the beauty around us, from the awesome power of the crashing waves, to the mesmerizing way each grain of sand sparkled in the sun. Those Gulf beaches are still our favorite places to be. We wanted to find a way to bring the vacation home with us and keep that special feeling all year round.

It was from these memories, of family and fun, and the desire to always have our essential oils on hand, that Lava the Sea was born.

What makes us unique? 

Lava the Sea is essential oil diffusing jewelry. These handcrafted pieces combine the beauty of semi-precious stones, cultured sea glass and lava beads with the benefits of essential oils. Our jewelry is unique because, although you can find all of these things on their own in other places, we unite them into one-of-a-kind artisan pieces that are truly unique! 

What are Essential Oils?

We have been daily users of doTerra Essential Oils for many years, whether it be finding relief from aches and pains or wanting a safer and more natural way to clean everyday messes, we enjoy the benefits that essentail oils bring to a healthier life, plus they smell great!

What are Essential Oils? They are volatile aromatic compounds derived from the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They change quickly from their liquid state to a gas at room temperature, allowing you to benefit from their properities fast! 

Lava Beads:

Lava beads are pourous, and act as a portable essential oil diffuser. Place 3-4 drops of your favorite oil on the lava bead, allow a moment for it to dry, and enjoy the scent for hours! 

Semi-precious Stones:

Enjoy the beauty of jade, larimar, jasper, amethyst and more! 

Sea Glass:

One year, on a trip to the Gulf town of Galveston, Tx., we fell in love with the incredible beauty of Sea Glass.  What started out as people's trash had been tumbled and tumbled by the ocean, until it became something wonderful.  We were hooked!  Finding these little jewels amongst the crashing waves is now a favored past time.  We set out to find a way to bring this beauty into our daily life.  When we came across Cultured Sea Glass, we were taken by the beautiful smoothness and consistancy that this could bring to our jewelry. Lava the Sea has allowed us to combine the two things we love - the beauty of sea glass and the benefits of essential oils! 

We feel so honored to be able to share these special pieces with you. We hope that they will bring that "Ocean Coast" feeling to your every day life, just as they have with ours!   

 Happy Shopping!!